5 Minutes Late

She kept grunting as she walks. She walked quickly without watching her footsteps. She clashed people around her. She even clashed on a man with coffee in his hand; hence, the coffee got poured onto his dress. She also stepped on a girl’s feet. The girl cried, but she didn’t care.

But, in spite of her anger, she was desperate. She should have taken a bus couple minutes ago, had her friends not blocked her on purpose. She still remembered what her friends said about how foolishly a banker was, how her friends laughed on her about her choice. Every second of it made her head getting hotter. She was wondering, why they couldn’t understand how important the job was for her, how she really needed money for paying the rent of her apartment and feeding herself.

She arrived to the bank building, in extreme pant, but she kept on going. Then, she began to run upstairs. She could barely take even one step, since she walked for a long distance from her friend’s house to the bank.

She knocked the door. The man inside the room answered, said that she might come in. But when she opened the door, she watched a man in suit, shaking his hand with a girl at her age. The director asked her purpose. She said that she had the appointment for interview. But the man said that he already got the right person. Denying the fact, she lost control, suddenly yelled to him and threw anything around her to them.

Consequently, she was brought away out of the bank by the security. Accepting that she was late for five minutes only, she went to the cafe near the bank with great sorrow.

As she entered the cafe, somehow, the first thing she looked at was the television at the top. She quickly realized that it was breaking news. She watched a very terrible traffic accident: it was a bus and three cars in upside-down position, or what was left of it. The vehicles were crushed and in black; she was watching the fire catchers still putting the fire down. What scared her more were the big black plastic bags at the streets.

The size was human-size.

She looked to the bus. She immediately remembered that the bus was the bus ignoring her when she called it. She heard from the TV that the bus was hit by a car in high speed, so that another two cars became the victims.

She could just stand there, watching the breaking news. The blood in her head got boiled. She tried to control herself, but she barely could. Although she was in relief, she hated to admit that she owed her friends her own live.


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