Halley and Merf (Part 1)

to halley,

hey! hope you already found your oh-so-called golden nose lol

man, without you i work in a grave =D (grave might not suit it, andy is annoying as usual, boss drinks wine, of course, and “Queen Shella” is still flirtatious, but problem is, since you’re not here, she has gone wild, TO ME :O >:O :]x ) but thankfully i have Josh, he’s like an always-updated comedy film :D! you know i start missing your heavenly pasta you always made to give it to us. gosh, i still think you should get yourself in masterchef competition. At least there’s a possibility they call me, your boyfriend, to the studio woohoo!

it’s been months! i miss you, you know?

oh, btw, Josh also sent his regard to you 🙂


Dear Merf

I still can’t believe you just write mails as you please! XD

Don’t worry, I already “found” my “oh-so-called’ golden nose, =D thanks to the herbals from Indonesia. They really work! Anyway, you should come there; it’s heaven! They’re unlike any other cultures in the world! Their dances, their food, their houses… it’s really something!



Merf, we worked there for years; you know we can’t expect friendly friends in workplaces. At least you still have Josh in that place. 🙂

Just don’t get tempted there! I’m coming back for you!



P.S.: send my thanks to Josh :*

P.P.S.: Anyway, how’s yours?


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