Now… Then?

The house is now quiet. Since he’s gone. I still can’t believe he could just… leave, like he… I don’t know; I can’t tell, and I don’t want to tell too much.
Now she looks empty. I think she’s down a bit, but it would be worse if it happens to be deeper. Same think don’t apply with her children. Of course, they’re children. Sorrow is for adult.
I’ve been there from the beginning, till now… from “pre” moment to “post” moment (I’m seeing the “post” moment right now, so much can’t be told yet). Firstly I hoped that everything would return to normal. Turns out we’re reaching into “the” major turning point. This is completely out of prediction; I guess future is indeed a mystery.
I’ve also been thinking. Could it be that he already lost care and love? I mean, he already has future. How come he could simply throw them all?
These all… I may look calm, but it’s storm inside. I keep thinking…
And what might happen next?


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