Chapter 2

PREVIOUSLY… His mind was the first thing that woke up. He slowly opened his eyes. The sun wasn’t risen yet. His wife was still sleeping. Oh, she finally slept… thought Hower. He sighed as he rose slowly from his bed. His whole body was excessively weak, he decided to crawl instead of walking. He went […]


PREVIOUSLY Here it is. Larry tried his best to calm himself. Here it fucking is. “Calm down.” said Ash, sitting on his bed, with his laptop. “You got this. We got this.” “That’s easy for you to say. You’re at the back line.” said Larry. “Exactly.” said Ash innocently. “No go down, and just finish […]

Jane and Mr. Tarry

PREVIOUSLY If only I could go to Beinecke Library… thought Jane, smiling grimly. Boston Public Library was not quite crowded, to her expectation. She predicted that there were only about a hundred, as far she saw. The library, mainly the entrance, wasn’t really astonishing to her taste. The most amazing part of the library, in […]


PREVIOUSLY so, how is she? i’m worried, honestly it seems that she’s fine but she kept asking about everything related to that thing she asked me to find out about any tourist that has been there since that thing came out i don’t like this don’t worry leave it to me i’ll talk to her […]

A Chat from Boston

PREVIOUSLY His mother put a full big bowl of rellenas onto the table. Juan could see steam from the potatoes, bringing up tempting smells to his nose. She also prepared four glasses of water. “Smells so good… where’s the sauce?” Juan leaned his nose toward the bowl, enjoying the lovely smell. “Here’s the sauce.” said […]


PREVIOUSLY Juan had to watch through binoculars, which he just bought. They already made two layers, covering the whole territory of the mountains, all in short time. Seeing how far they made the quarantine, he thought that they would actually make more than ten layers. One layer alone could reach up to ten meters, on […]

Where The Man Is

PREVIOUSLY “I’ll repeat this again. Where the fuck is he?” Yes, we have switched with OUR NEW BODIES! Perfect from the appearance, and from the biology. Here’s the great thing from the robots, or as Chez has always said, humanoids. We can’t feel exhaust and pain anymore, but we can still eat and breath. Well, […]